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Office productivity suites are vital in getting things done on a computer. Documents, spreadsheets, email—they're the product of the things we do. You can use the High Priced Spread from Redmond to create and manage these things, or you can look for alternatives. There are free suites out there, but often they require extra "stuff" to make them work, like Java runtimes and such. So whether you're looking to save money, or cut down on clutter and resource requirements, it might be nice to find a tool that takes care of business, but doesn't require a whole set of new headaches.

The Fifth Element is a free office application suite that includes word processor, spreadsheet, email client, instant messaging, image editors, media players, and more. It's all compatible with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and Star Office. It doesn't require Java or .NET extensions, so it'll run on most 32-bit Windows platforms.

Along with the regular pieces, The Fifth Element adds a few extra goodies to sweeten the pot. They've got a Mac-style Dock to help you manage apps on your system, as well as a floating desktop clock, and even a floating Recent Documents Viewer. There's nothing like completing a Word doc, closing it, and shutting down Word, only to realize you need to take one last peek at your work. With the Viewer, you don't need to start everything up all over again.

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3 Responses to “Free Windows Productivity Suite”

  1. Allan Higdon says:

    According to Jeffrey Needle on the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup, this program is intrusive and nearly impossible to uninstall. Either make an image of your hard drive first or use something like ZSoft Uninstaller to monitor the installation.

  2. megaman says:

    I say otherwise, since the program installed like a charm but it couldn’t open a file that only my Word 2007 could. Harder since I ran out of my trial in 2007. Netsurfer was a pain, plainly said. I am using Vista could make a diff on the uninstall, since I didn’t really need it, uninstall was quick and clean, no faults.

  3. David says:

    Uninstall seemed easy enough but I must agree, this is a very intrusive program and should not be taken lightly. I can not recommend this software! If you need an office program and don’t want to pay big bucks to Micro$oft, try OpenOffice. You won’t be disappointed.

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