See earthquake reports with QuakeBar

screenshot of QuakeBar

Out here in "earthquake country", we've got a vested interest in trying to figure out whether the shaking we just felt was a large truck driving past, or California falling into the ocean. The local media may be able to help you, but in many markets, there's no human being in the station. Looking online might help give you a clue about what's shaking, but even that isn't always definitive. Maybe there's something else we could use.

QuakeBar is a slick little MenuBar application for your Macintosh. It sits there until there's an earthquake, and then leaps into action. Whenever there's a temblor with a Richter reading of 2.5 or better somewhere in the world, the icon will blink at you. Drop down the list and see where it is. You can click on individual incidents and you'll be taken to the appropriate incident page on the US Geological Survey website to see what the latest information is that they have on the quake.

QuakeBar is a Mac application that runs under OS X. You can download it for free, although the author asks that if you use it that you send him a post card.

Download QuakeBar

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