Fast and Easy FTP

screenshot of Tango DropBox

You've got to move files from here to there. Whether it's creating or updating your latest website, or just getting that report back to the guys at headquarters, you're going to have to use an FTP tool. Problem is, they're not always the friendliest applications out there. They don't always work intuitively, they're confusing, and just no fun to work with.

Tango DropBox does FTP, but in a way that makes sense. Yes, you do have to set up your transfer information, but having done that once (what is Port 21 anyway?), file transfers are now a simple drag-and-drop process. Configuration is easy, with a menu sitting in the System Tray. Once you're set up, you literally just drag your files onto the Tango DropBox icon on your desktop, and it does its magic in the background.

Tango DropBox is a free Windows tool, and runs on Windows 2000 or later. It also requires Version 2.0 of the .NET Framework. If you want to create multiple dropboxes, or do more advanced things like Secure FTP, you'll need to upgrade to their Professional version for $35.

Download Tango DropBox

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