Mouse Gesture Recognition Tool

screenshot of StrokeIt

Are you always looking to streamline your operation? With the pressure to get more done faster, we're always looking to make things more efficient. Some changes make a big difference—putting the phone on Do Not Disturb, for instance—but there are smaller things that you can do also.

Over the course of the day, how many times do you suppose you move your hand from you computer's mouse to its keyboard? A couple of times? A lot of times? Either way, you might be just a little more efficient if your didn't have to do that at all.

StrokeIt is a clever tool that can translate mouse movements into commands. By "drawing" a "C" on your desktop with the mouse, you can close the current window. That may be faster than moving to and clicking the Close button, and it's certainly faster than hitting [Control] + W on the keyboard.

While it comes with a bunch of pre-configured actions, you can create your own mouse gestures and train StrokeIt to work in ways that make the most sense to you.

StrokeIt is a Windows application. It's free for individuals and not-for-profits.

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