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Texter takes the tedium out of typing

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

screenshot of Texter

Every time you type a letter, it's the same old thing. Get to the end and you've got to type the closing and signature, complete with all the tabs, returns, and all. It's the same thing every time, but here you go , typing it all out again. There's got to be an easier way, right?

Texter is a text snippet macro tool that takes the tedium out of having to type the same stuff over and over again. Instead of typing "Sincerely, [Enter][Enter][Enter]Mr. Joe Blow", create the hotstring "sinc", for example, and whenever you type that string, Texter will automatically expand it out for you. You can how your replacement is triggered—type your hotstring followed by [Enter], [Tab], or [Space], or even have it triggered automatically as an "instant replacement". Texter can also function as an AutoCorrect tool, so that the stuff you always type wrong will always be corrected for you on the fly. It even supports its own scripting language, so you can send keystrokes, like [Enter] to your applications.

Texter is a free Windows application.

Download Texter