Free Theft Recovery Software for your PC

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It's the nightmare scenario: your laptop is missing. Whether you just misplaced it, or somebody decided that they needed it more that you did, your world has just come crashing down around you. If you don't have strong passwords on everything, you may have your data stolen. Even if everything's buttoned-up tight, there still are things on that machine that don't exist on your desktop box. Oh, yeah, there's the whole hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of replacement necessary to get you up and running again.

LocatePC may be able to give you a hand here. A free application, its purpose in life is to let your know where your little darling is. When the "bad guy" fires up your computer, it will send you an email giving you enough information that you just may be able to figure out where your machine is. It will report its current IP address and other information that may allow you or the authorities to contact the ISP who controls that address, and may help you to figure out who has your machine.

The publisher doesn't make any claims or guarantees that you will be able to recover your machine with this information, but it seems like it's a pretty painless way to help make that recovery more likely.

LocatePC is a Windows application. You must be running Windows 98 or later, and of course your must have an email account to receive any notifications that it sends out.

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