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Some folks are just never on time. No matter how hard they try, they just can't pull it off. Now whether this is a sign of some deep-seated pathology, or just a lack of good planning isn't for discussion here, but there are some tricks that the chronically late have resorted to to try to get place on time.

One of the favorites is that of setting the clock ahead. Whether it's just a few minutes, or maybe a hour or more, the theory has it that once you set the clock ahead, you will forget that you did. Now when you are running ten minutes late on the clock, you may well be right on time in the real world.

The Procrastinator's Clock takes an interesting twist on this principle. Instead of running a set ten minutes ahead or so, it actually varies in how fast it runs. It's guaranteed to run up to 15 minutes fast, but that value isn't a constant. With a clock like this, you know that at any given moment, it may be a quarter hour ahead, or it may be dead on accurate—and you'll never know which. If you weren't neurotic enough about getting there on time, now you can add the further uncertainty of not really knowing what time it is. Heck, it may be easier to just be on time.

The author suggests that this tool is offered in the spirit of Chindogu, "…the Japanese art of creating almost useless objects." If you're not on time, or maybe if you are, you'll want to give this a spin.

Procrastinator's Clock is an online service. It should be compatible with most systems running a modern Web browser.

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