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Koma-Mail is a compact email client, small enough to run from a removable drive. It doesn't require an installer, so you can put it on a USB device and not have to worry about sacrificing disk capacity.

It works with both POP and IMAP email systems, and includes a built-in RSS reader. You can read both text- and HTML-formatted messages, and it includes an HTML editor so that you can send formatted emails as well. Sending and receiving of attachments is supported, automatically zipping them to save space. It supports multiple user accounts, and each user can have multiple mail accounts as well.

For safety's sake, Koma-Mail includes two types of spam filters, and it won't run scripts or ActiveX components in your emails.

Koma-Mail is a free download. It's a Windows application and requires Windows 98 or later.

Download Koma-Mail

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  1. nelgin says:

    Seems to be working well. Similar to outlook w/o the bells & whistles. Having trouble importing my contacts. Overall, I like it and plan to keep using it…

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