Proxy Server Selector for Firefox and Mozilla Browsers

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Proxy servers are a pretty slick way to connect to the Web. Whether it's because you are trying to maintain some semblance of anonymity by shielding your IP address from your destination, or just because you're relying on caching on the server, lots of people use them. If you use multiple proxies—maybe one at work and another at home—it can be a pain in the neck to keep tweaking your system to activate one or the other of them, depending on where you are.

SwitchProxy is a tool that makes it easier to switch the proxy server you're using at any given time. A browser plugin, it's designed to work with the Mozilla-based family of web browsers and tools, including Firefox, Mozilla, and Thunderbird. (It's a couple years old, so you may want to check to see how it works with SeaMonkey, Camino, or other more recent Mozilla-based browsers.) You can set up your list of servers and access them to select or change via Toolbar, Context Menu (right click menu), or as a Toolbar Element. You can choose "regular" proxies, or select from a list of anonymous servers to use, even setting it to change servers automatically from time to time to really mix things up.

SwitchProxy is compatible with all systems running Firefox and supported Mozilla-based browsers.

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  1. charlie says:

    The question is where to get reliable proxy addresses and the process of getting them simple.

  2. Paul says:

    Or you can try to use a web proxy such as instead. Either way you should be able to surf privately.

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