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Whether you call it a flash drive, a thumb drive, or some other name, those little removable USB drives are handy to have around. With one of those little portable wonders, you can carry data, or even programs with you where ever you go. Unlike a CD-ROM, you can easily stick one in your pocket; in addition, you can both read and write with them. That means you can take your email program or a spreadsheet with you, update it on a different machine, and then save those changes.

Of course, if you're making changes, you may need to download those back onto your main computer as well. You'll want to be sure to do that as soon as you plug the USB drive back in, lest you make changes in your main computer, and now have two different versions of your mailbox, document, or what have you. USB Autorunner is a tool that may help make that easier.

You can create a configuration that will automatically sync your remote- and local versions of files, for example. Plug the drive in, and it will start the synchronization process, or you can launch a ToDo list, or anything else. No more having to dig through things to remember to keep your system updated with changes you made while you were out.

USB Autorunner is a Windows app and will run on any Win32 platform, from Win95 through Vista.

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