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When it comes to typing, are you a "hunt-and-peck" kind of guy (or gal), or do you enter text with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine? Either way, keyboarding is an essential skill, and one at which you probably can improve—after all, Mavis Beacon has made quite a name for herself. But how about speeding up your typing without adding to her retirement fund? (Don't worry, she's not a real person.)

TypingWeb has a free online typing tutor that you can use to improve your skills, and speed up your typing. You can start off with a quick typing test to see just how your current skill level stacks up, and then begin on a series of lessons to speed you up and save you time and effort in keyboarding. Building on your test results, lessons are customized to focus on your weaker areas, helping to build your speed and confidence over time.

There are also lessons for Dvorak keyboards and 10-Key data entry; for non-US users, there is support for different keyboard layouts as well.

TypingWeb is a free online service. It should be compatible with most systems using a modern web browser.

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