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When you're trying to visualize pieces of a whole, nothing brings it all together like a good old pie chart. Whether it's kids in a classroom, or dollars in your portfolio, a pie chart helps you to visualize how how big a share a segment is of a whole thing. Boys in a class? Dollars in stocks? Put it in a pie chart and you'll see what's happening.

Making a pie chart used to require that you run Excel or some other spreadsheet program. That may be fine if you already own the tool, and you don't mind the work involved in setting your data up, but for simple, one-off charts, it's kind of involved.

Instant Pie Charts makes it easy to design and complete just the pie chart you need. Choose from 2- or 3-dimensional charts and pick a size. You can then enter as many, or as few, segments as you need to tell your story. Choose your colors, add your titles, and you're good to go. You can use your custom pie chart in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or really anywhere that you can paste an image. Want to include it in a web page? Copy the URL for the completed chart and insert it into an image tag on your site, and now the whole world can see what you've done.

Instant Pie Charts is a free online service. You access it in your web browser, so it's compatible with just about every platform and operating system out there.

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