Word Clock Screensaver

screenshot of Word Clock

Generally we don't get too excited about screensavers: more swirly lines, vast star fields, baskets of adorable kittens, that sort of thing. Here's one that's different from anything we've run across before.

Word Clock is exactly what it says it is. When your screensaver fires up, your display is filled with a clock, of sorts. Rather than an imitation of an analog clock face, or yet another digital clock, you get a clock that is actually a complete sentence. All of the text necessary to spell out any day and time is displayed on the screen; the text appropriate to give you the current time is highlighted, and changes second-by-second.

Highly customizable, you can choose colors, fonts, and layout parameters for your display. It's even available in over a dozen languages, 'cause you never know when you might need a Hungarian clock.

There's a PC version of Word Clock in the works, but currently it's only available for Mac. It's a Universal Binary, so it requires OS X version 10.3 or later.

Download Word Clock

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