Posterize your favorite pictures with PosteRazor

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So you've got a huge picture that you want to make into a poster, but don't have a huge piece of paper to print it on? How about a smaller image that you want to blow up into a larger-format piece? Not so easy if your printer only handles 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

PosteRazor can help you solve this problem. It takes your picture and chops it up into page-sized pieces and outputs it all as a PDF file. Take your favorite picture and make a wall-sized image from it. In fact, you can blow it up to over 15 feet if you want to. Choose your method: absolute image size to specify the end result, size in pages (to specify how many pieces of paper you want involved with your project), or image size percent to scale your image by some specific factor.

It supports most of the usual suspects in terms of image formats (BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, etc.) and colors from monochrome to 48-bit RGB and 32-bit CMYK. You can set how much each tile page overlaps with its neighbors, to allow you to get cleaner edges when you paste pages together.

PosteRazor is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems, or you can geek-out and grab the source code and build it yourself.

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  1. icekin says:

    You can also use the Rasterbator to do this :

    I am not sure how the 2 programs will compare against each other.

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