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How do you get that job you really want? Well, it helps to be qualified—academic background, training, experience in the field—they all go into it. Interviewing well helps too. After all, you can't sell yourself and your qualifications if you don't show them what you've got. But how do you get that interview? Do your homework, do your networking, keep your ear to the ground. And once you're zeroing-in on where you want to interview, you need to let the hiring authorities know you're looking for them. Here's where a good resume comes in.

A resume, no matter how good, will never get you a job. What it will do, however, is get you an interview. Once you're in the door and talking with them face-to-face, you can impress them with your grasp of the important issues that face their company, and let them know how you are uniquely qualified to help them solve their problems.

Instant Resume Templates has dozens of resume templates for you to download, customize, and send off to potential employers. They're all available as DOC files, so you can customize them with Microsoft Word or any other tool that can edit DOC files. With resumes designed for professional, business, or academic settings, there's sure to be one that will help you to land that job. Whether it's basic resumes, chronological resumes, or even informal resumes, all you need to do is to download one of the templates, fill it in with your information and qualifications, and send it off to your next employer. It's not time to open the Champagne just yet, but who knows…

Instant Resume Templates is a free service. You can grab the templates with any web browser, and edit them with a Microsoft Word-compatible word processing program.

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