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No matter how fancy things get on your system, there's just some stuff that is best accomplished with a command line utility. Pretty GUI applications notwithstanding, being able to run commands as part of a batch file, for instance, can let you accomplish a lot without having to dig through a bunch of extra junk on your screen.

With NirCmd, you can read and write values to the System Registry, tweak INI files, mount or eject volumes, create shortcuts, show and hide windows, dump the contents of your clipboard to a file, the list just goes on and on. An extensive online help page gives you a huge list of the functionality you can invoke with this tool.

NirCmd is a Windows tool. It'll run on any 32-bit system from Win9x/ME up through Vista, although there is some functionality that is only available in NT/XP/Vista.

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3 Responses to “Command line tool for Windows”

  1. mouser says:

    nircmd is a great commandline tool.

    for those who would like an easier way to use it interactively, there is an “alias pack” for nircmd available here which works with my “Find and Run Robot” program, that makes it easier to perform nircmd actions:

    just one possibility for those who like nircmd.

  2. masmarius says:

    well, i’ve been using it for a while and i have to say… im dead without it 😉

  3. y0himba says:

    Nirsoft has some of the BEST freeware utilities I have seen on the Internet. Bes sure to check out his “Zipinstaller”. Most of his utilities also work well on Vista.

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