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Everybody needs a calculator now and then. Sure, you can set-up spreadsheets to do everything that a calculator can do, but in some ways that's like using a hammer when a fly swatter might be more appropriate. It takes time, brainpower, and, of course, you also need to own a spreadsheet app.

FreeCalc does everything that Windows' built in calculator does, and then some. Sure, you can resize it and give it pretty colors, but there are functional differences as well. Giving it a simulated "tape" can help you when you do the math and the numbers just don't add up—nothing like looking up and seeing you multiplied by 10 instead of 100 to let you know where you went wrong. You can also display the contents of memory at any given time, rather than relying on your own memory to recall just what exactly you squirreled away in there. You can also configure it to run on startup, so that your calculator is always there, sitting in the System Tray, just waiting for you to activate it.

FreeCalc is a free Windows application. It's compatible with any 32-bit Windows platform, from Win9x up through Vista.

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