Free popup calendar for Windows

screenshot of QuickMonth Calendar

Are you always digging around for a calendar? With a computer, there's always a clock staring you in the face, but when you need to know what the date is for a week from Friday, you've got to find a calendar. How about one that sits on your desktop?

QuickMonth Calendar does just that. Actually, it doesn't sit on your desktop, but once you've installed it, just move your mouse over the system clock and up pops a calendar, or you can configure it to open up in response to a hot key combination.

While by default the calendar opens to this month with today's date highlighted, it's easy to move to other months and years as well. And of course, clicking on the "today" link at the bottom of the calendar brings you back to the present.

QuickMonth Calendar will always hang close to your Windows taskbar, so it won't get lost among all the apps running on your desktop. It gets it colors from your Windows theme or visual style, so it'll never look out of place on your machine.

QuickMonth Calendar is a free download for your Windows system.

Download QuickMonth Calendar

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