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A simple password is an ineffective password. A single password that you use for multiple purposes is a risky password. By the time you cover all the bases—complex, mixed upper- and lower case, alphanumeric and punctuation marks, no dictionary words—you've got a list of great passwords, but alas now you can't remember any of them. You need a "password locker" tool to keep track of them all. That's fine, as long as you always sit at the same desk with the same machine. What if you're out and about and need one of your passwords? Now you're in trouble. Enter Passpack.

Passpack is an online password manager tool. You can enter up to 100 entries for free, and they don't have to be just passwords. Save emergency info, travel info, confirmation numbers, all that sort of thing. The one thing they do ask is that you not store financial information here. Should everything go south, it's one thing if somebody can log into your blog; it's a totally different matter if they should log into your bank account and clean you out.

For most purposes, Passpack should give you plenty of security for your data. You always connect via secure HTTPS connections, and your data is super-encrypted as it sits on their servers. They've even got "disposable log-ins" for use on public computers. Pretty cool.

Passpack is a free service, and should be compatible with most modern web browsers.

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  1. Street says:

    I am not familiar with this program, but most password managers worry me. How secure our my passowrds. I have found Clipperz to be extremely secure and even better, zero knowledge. On top of that, completely free. No limits.

  2. Kevin Fox says:

    Another free password manager is available at

    I work for the company and since I started a couple months ago I switched over and started using the plugin (works for IE and FireFox) and it has saved me tons of time. It also increases security since it will only sign me in to the correct website. Anywho, dont mean to spam, just wanted to offer up an alternative.

  3. icekin says: offers another similar service that can import and export to Keepass .kdb files.

  4. Italo says:

    Well, sure. I’ll give away all my user id’s and passwords to an online service (who knows who’s on the other side) to “increase my productivity”. This site ( is one of the best freeware sites around but this is the most stupid idea ever.
    Not even a local passwords manager is safe. AN ONLINE ONE? No thanks.

  5. Tara Kelly says:

    Host-Proof Hosting is actually what keeps data secure and private. It handles all the encryption on the client so that the service provider (in this case Passpack or Clipperz) is unable to read that data.

    If your interested in the topic, you might like to have a look at Passpack’s Host-Proof Hosting Library:

    – Tara
    Passpack Founding Partner

  6. Tara Kelly says:

    I think Clipperz exports to JSON, and imports from the TXT from Keepass. Most Password managers (including Passpack) have some sort of import/export feature.

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