Get rid of duplicate files with CloneSpy

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How many copies of [name of some file] do you have on your machine? We're forever running across some interesting file—program, PDF, MP3—and downloading it. Some time later—days, weeks, months—we grab it again. Now we've got several copies of the file, wasting space on a hard drive with too much data already. But who has time to dig around and find all these duplicates?

CloneSpy can give you a hand with de-cluttering your hard drive. It goes out and finds duplicate files, whether they have the same name or not. It finds files with duplicate names. It even finds zero-byte files on your system. Once these files are identified, CloneSpy can delete the duplicates, move them to a specific location (so you can verify them before they go away), export a list of duplicates, or even feed information into a batch file you've created to apply your own set of rules to these files.

While it may not leave your hard drive smelling "minty fresh", CloneSpy will help rid you of these pesky space-wasting duplicates.

CloneSpy is a Windows application, and runs on anything from Windows 98SE on up. In keeping with the notion of helping you to maintain a clean hard drive, it installs only a single executable on your system—no junk dropped into remote locations.

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2 Responses to “Get rid of duplicate files with CloneSpy”

  1. c yarbrough says:

    hope it works as good as it sounds.

  2. Charles Adair says:

    Boy, do I need this!

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