FileMenu Tools adds functionality to Windows Explorer

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Windows Explorer attempts to serve as the Swiss Army knife of file managers for Windows systems. While there's a lot that it can do, not everything can be accomplished easily. Sometimes add-on applications can help to extend Explorer's functionality in such a way that it becomes even more useful.

FileMenu Tools is one such application. You can do things like tweak the time stamps on files, change folder icons, delete locked files, and all sorts of other handy things. Synchronize folders, delete files without sending them to the Recycle bin, and even shred files to really, really get rid of them.

In addition, it's easy to configure the "Send To" menu, making it easier to open files and documents in non-default applications. Other context menu (right-click menu) items can be configured as well. There's really quite a list.

FileMenu Tools is a free Windows application.

Download FileMenu Tools

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  1. y0himba says:

    This is one of the better freeware addons I use. I highly recommend it!

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