Explore the Universe with WorldWide Telescope

screenshot of WorldWide Telescope

Are you interested in all things astronomical? Can't afford to finance your own visit to the Hubble Space Telescope? The folks at Microsoft may be able to give you a hand.

No, they're not going to send you up on the next Shuttle mission, but they do have a "virtual telescope" that you can download. The WorldWide Telescope is a "visualization software environment" that lets your system act as a telescope, using images collected from any number of terrestrial and space-based telescopes. You can take advantage of the images they have, as well as going on a "guided tour", presented by scientists from some of the country's preeminent observatories and planetariums.

WorldWide Telescope is a Windows application. You'll need Windows XP or Vista as well as version 9 of DirectX and .NET Framework 2.0, and because of the large amount of data involved it won't hurt to have as fast an Internet connection as you can get your hands on.

Download WorldWide Telescope

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