How efficient is your laptop’s battery?

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Nothing lasts forever. If you don't believe it, fire up your MacBook, unplug it, and go on battery power. No matter how good battery technology has gotten, you will eventually run out of juice. Not only that, but you probably know that your battery has a life expectancy, independent of its current state-of-charge. Batteries can be charged and discharged a finite number of times before their efficiency starts to drop off. It might be nice to know how much charge you've got left in your system now; it wouldn't hurt to know what kind of shape your battery is in either.

coconutBattery is an application that lets you keep an eye on your remaining battery charge. Now you can have an idea how much charge you've got left on your system, but also how your system's ability to be recharged compares with its original capacity. You can save all this data in the program, by the way, so you've got snapshots over time, keeping an eye on how your system's doing as it ages. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to keep good enough track of how your battery is doing that you will be able to predict when it'll make the most sense to replace it.

coconutBattery is a Mac application. To use it, you need to be running OS X 10.4.5 or better.

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