Create your own USB key for your computer

screenshot of USB PC Lock Pro

What happens to your computer when you walk away from it? Nosy neighbors coming over to take a peek? Music just keeps playing? Here's a quick and easy way to put an end to all that.

USB PC Lock Pro is a little application that makes your USB drive into a key that locks your PC when you unplug it. Plug it in, and everything runs like usual; unplug it and you effectively lock your computer, including MSN Messenger, stop streaming audio, mute your speakers, and all that. Now you don't have to remember to do all those things individually, or worse yet, just forget them all and hope for the best.

USB PC Lock Pro is a Windows application. And of course, you need a USB drive as well.

Download USB PC Lock Pro

7 Responses to “Create your own USB key for your computer”

  1. Budo7 says:

    file had a virus on it, picked up by avast. Scanned with NOD32 same deal

  2. Joe V says:

    What if you loose your USB key?

  3. william says:

    I also get a virus detected with Avast

  4. william says:

    I’m sure you’d be able to reboot the machine in safe mode or something if you lost your usb key…

  5. I recall a similar program that came with one of the first USB-keys. back in nthe days of Windows ’98… and that program served me well! The system it was installed on runs Windows 2000 SP4.

    This program however wants to install the Yahoo! searchbar (even when unchecked during setup), and a few other things; also it wants to contact several sites ( being just one) that don’t have anything to do with the program.

    Then, as a cherry on top of this cake: It wouldn’t run because a l;ibary (DLL) was missing or could not be found.

    No need to say that this program was removed as fast as it was installed (even faster!!!).system is running an anti-spyware scan now, and will run a anti-virus scan immediately afterwards. My advise: Stay away from it!

    BTW: BitDefender Free did NOT pick up a virus, neither during installing the program, nor afterwards! When I scanned the Setup exe, my Linux Avast warned me for Win32:Adware-gen [Adw] in the executable.

    BTW2: Both scans came out clean!

  6. megaman says:

    I don’t know since I have the free version of Avast! but just to make sure, don’t try the product, unless they notify it’s safety.

  7. Tim Lewis says:

    Could the virus results be caused by it trying to lock the system? Would that possibly do it?

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