Swiss Army Knife image / audio / video converter

screenshot of SUPER, the Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer

Have you ever needed to convert some media file to another format? It might be images, audio files, or some video thing. There are just so many different formats, and most applications are limited in the formats that they support. Having an all-in-one solution might come in handy.

SUPER, the Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, claims to be just such a solution. With a huge number of different formats supported, it shouldn't require Herculean effort any more to convert between any of the supported formats. All the necessary codecs are built in, so you can spend your time converting files, instead of looking around for more plug-ins and add-ons to really make the software work for you. You can even rip video files to audio, grabbing the sound for your MP3 player.

SUPER, the Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, is a Windows app, and it's compatible with most systems.

Download SUPER, the Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer

4 Responses to “Swiss Army Knife image / audio / video converter”

  1. Saitek009 says:

    This will make a great addition to my other portable apps on my thumbdrive. Great find man!

  2. Dave Bell says:

    Looks good, but you have to go through a lot of web pages to get to the actual download link and at least one prominent “download” button is part of an advert.

    So be careful.

  3. Megaman says:

    This is the best program I have ever used compared to some commercial ones. I have been using this prgoram for over a year (or two, I forget) and it’s GREAT! Works on Vista too, which regretfully I am running my computer on. And yes, it is a hassle to find the actual link that downloads the program, but it’s worth it, trust me on this one.

  4. michael says:

    if you read the instructions before attempting to download you can get the file in 3 clicks. i’ve been using this program from this same website for about 4 years. there is no equal. (look for the tiny arrows)

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