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More recent versions of Windows and Microsoft Office incorporate Outlook-style buttons in their file dialogs called the "PlacesBar". It's a way to navigate quickly around your hard drive, with links to locations like "My Documents" and "My Computer". It might be handy to be able to add to this list, and create the links you really want here, so that Windows and Office work the way you do.

Placesbar Editor lets you configure and tweak the entries in the PlacesBar, and to do so easily. While you could probably go in and mess with the Registry, you always put your system at risk whenever you break the metaphorical seal with "no user serviceable parts inside" printed on it. You can do some amazing things with the proper Registry tweaks; you can also brick your computer pretty fast, too.

PlacesBar Editor lets you configure the places that will appear in the PlacesBar. If you're always jumping off to this directory or that one, why not be able to go there directly? Whether it's downloads, a folder full of your latest project, or even just the Favorites folder, you can choose how to make those buttons work. And don't worry about breaking anything: a simple push of a button restores the system to its default state, so you can start again.

Placesbar Editor is a Windows application. It's compatible with Windows 2000 and later, and also works with Office 2000 and beyond.

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