Delete in-use files with KillBox

screenshot of KillBox

Sometimes you've just got to stop. You know the drill: you're running some app that's going to do great things, you get all set up to run it, you press the button, and then you see that you didn't check the right box, or it's going to overwrite some important data with its result files, or some other calamity-in-the-making. And of course, this app is now grabbing all kinds of system resources and making it impossible to press the "cancel" button. In these desperate times, desperate measures are called for.

KillBox may be the tool you wish you had. Its purpose in life is to help you delete in-use files. It does this by killing their associated processes and then deleting the files. In some cases, such as DLLs or services, even it can't delete those files directly; it will, however, set them for Windows' "delete on reboot", so that Windows itself will rid your system of them on the next restart.

KillBox is a Windows application.

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