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If you need to move files across the Internet, you need FTP. FTP—File Transfer Protocol—is popularly used as both the name of conduit via which you upload and download files from your local machine, and as the program you use to accomplish this, more properly an FTP Client. (The FTP server is what is at the other end of the connection.)

When you upload new pages to your web site, you're using FTP to get them there. When you're downloading media files from many locations, you're using FTP to get them back here.

Prompt FTP Client is a tool that can help make your FTP file transfers run more smoothly. It boasts an easy-to-use connection wizard, making it easy to configure, so you can get on with your files, rather than having to spend a lot of time on the care and feeding of the tool. It also features an integrated editor that lets you edit remote pages without having to download them and them upload them again.

Prompt FTP Client is a Windows application.

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