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One of the handy things about Windows—and most other GUI-based systems—is that you can double-click on a data file and the operating system will open that file with the default application that is associated with it. Double-click a Word DOC, and you'll get Microsoft Word started, with your DOC file sitting there open to edit. That works with other file types and applications as well. That's okay, as long as the default associations are ones that make sense to you.

So, what is the appropriate association for an HTML file? It depends on whether you usually view web pages, or edit them. If you like to look at them, you would want to get your default Web browser when you clicked on a file like this; if you like to edit them, you'd rather get a text editor instead.

Types is a nice little tool that lets you easily change file associations. Along with deciding which app should start up when you double-click on a file, you can also fine-tune the icon you want to use for a type of file, tweak the context (right-click) menus, and other properties as well.

Types is a Windows application. It runs under XP and Vista, and also requires version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

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