Peepel online office suite

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Peepel is an online office suite that allows you to work on your own stuff, or to collaborate with others. Like any good productivity suite, it includes a word processor app and a spreadsheet tool. You can use templates to build a resume or business letter, or you can create documents from scratch. It's also got a mini web browser, and allows you to share files with others. Upload files from your desktop to your Peepel account and you can work with them online.

All of your Peepel windows open within a single web browser window, and you can drag them around, resize them, and even save your workspace layout so that you can save your setup from session to session.

Along with your regular editing, you can share your documents with others, so that you can both edit them and get all your input in there. The contact manager application lets you control who has access to your files.

Peepel is a free online service. It should be compatible with most modern web browsers.

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