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It's not at all unusual in today's global workplace for you to be working closely with people you'll never see face-to-face. Project groups may include members from Europe, Asia, North America, and beyond. Collaboration tools are a must if you plan to get anything done working in this global workplace.

Some collaboration software allows for multiple users to edit documents, letting everybody get their input into the new project schedule or marketing plan. There's another way to collaborate that may be even more powerful: application sharing.

Gogrok is a tool that lets you not only work on the same document simultaneously, but literally to run the same programs at the same time. Choose whether you want to share a particular application on your machine, or you can share your whole desktop, literally opening your system up to your collaborators. As the Application Owner, you get to call the shots regarding who can run applications on your system ("Editors") or merely watch them—looking over your shoulder ("Viewers"). The possibilities are endless, from true hands-on training on new apps, to complete cooperation with your group.

Gogrok is a Windows application. It requires XP or later.

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