WildRename free Windows batch file rename tool

screenshot of WildRename

File renaming is not that big a deal. From the command prompt, it's just a simple command you type. In Windows Explorer, you just highlight the filename and change it. What could be easier.

Now let's crank it up a bit. How about renaming a bunch of files at once? Adding a serial number to each filename? Now it's not looking so easy any more. In fact, it's starting to get maybe a little bit scary when you stop and thing about it.

WildRename is a tool that makes it easier to rename files, especially when there are bunches of them involved. Change names to all UPPER CASE, lower case, or even Mixed Case. Add or remove characters from filenames, Use regular expressions to find and change only the files you're looking for. You can even add numbers to your files: 001, 002, etc.

WildRename is a Windows application.

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