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If you've got a website that comprises more than just a couple of pages, you need a sitemap. It used to be in the good old days, a sitemap was just a listing of the pages on your website. Its purpose was to help your visitors to figure out where the information was on the pages of your site.

After a while, it became clear that sitemaps were useful in the world of search engine optimization as well. If you had a sitemap page with links to your most important pages, search engine robots had a easier time reaching all the pages on your site.

The search engines then took this a step further. Now a sitemap can be submitted to the search engines directly, telling them where your pages are, instead of just taking a passive "here's the data, come and get it" approach. Submitting a sitemap file to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN ensures that they will know where your important pages are—or maybe even all of your pages, if you choose to do so.

Simple Map is a tool that lets you build either type of sitemap easily. You can create an HTML sitemap page to post on your site, but you can also create the XML-formatted sitemap file that you can then register with the search engines. You won't have to wonder whether Googlebot has seen all your pages, because you have told them explicitly where everything is.

Simple Map is presented as a Windows application. The source code is available to allow you use it as a PHP tool on your server as well.

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