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How much stuff do you have? We're not talking about that pile of books on the floor over there, or the in basket overflowing on top of your filing cabinet—we're talking about all the files on your computer. Hard drives get cheaper every year, and it's a good thing, because we continue to find new ways to fill them up. How about adding more storage space, but doing it for the best price of all: free? is one option for electronic storage. You can open a free Lite account and store up to 1GB of data on their system. It's a handy way to help help stretch your resources, but it also gives you the ability to share your files with others. In addition, you can now access those important files from any web browser. Makes it easy to get at your important files even when you're not in the office, or when you're with a client.

The free account allows you to sore up to 1GB of data with a maximum file size of 10MB. Your bandwidth is limited to 10GB per month, but if you need more than that, they're sure to be eager to help you upgrade to their paid Individual or Business accounts. Lite is a free online service that should be compatible with most modern web browsers.


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