View multiple web pages in one window

screenshot of SplitBrowser

How many web pages do you suppose you visit in a day? Dozens? Hundreds? Plenty, to be sure.

Ever need to compare some of those pages, or at least look at two or more of them at the same time? Dragging multiple windows around the screen, resizing them, adjusting them again—doesn't sound like a lot of fun, or the best way to spend your time.

SplitBrowser may be the answer here. By default, it opens a window with four panes. Now when you open a new document, you don't have to worry about how—or whether—it will fit on the screen. If you need a closer look, you can drag the handles to make a given pane wider or taller.

SplitBrowser is a Mac application. It requires OS X 10.4 or better, and a current version of the Safari web browser.

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