Get totally organized with Total Organizer

screenshot of Total Organizer

Our lives are just too complicated. People, places, things; stuff to do, events to attend. We each need a secretary, but then the secretaries need one too. Eventually we run out of people, and nothing gets done.

Total Organizer may help here. It's a combined calendar, organizer, to-do list, and more. Enter your important dates, events, and contact information, and maybe you'll stand a chance. Your information is organized into category trees, so you can build hierarchies, nesting items in subcategories as appropriate. A given item can also be hooked into several categories, so getting the kids to soccer can show up under "kids", "things I have to do today", and "work schedule" categories. That makes it easier to not miss things. With built-in search capabilities, you'll always be able to find what you're looking for as well.

Total Organizer is a Windows application. You need to be running Windows NT/XP to use it.

Download Total Organizer

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