Remember everything with Evernote

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Does it ever feel like your brain is going to explode? You can reach a point where you couldn't possibly cram another idea or piece of information in there. Or maybe even worse: you've got it all in there, but now you can't retrieve that important fact that you need right now.

Evernote is a tool that will help to keep your head from blowing up. Whether it's typed notes, images you've grabbed, web pages you've seen, you can save it all, and in a way that allows you to get it back when you need it. Their technology helps to organize it all, so you can retrieve your data. And maybe best of all, it's available to you across all your devices, so you're not stuck with not being able to get to your Windows bright ideas while you're on your Mac.

Evernote is available for Mac (OS X – Leopard), Windows (XP/Vista), Windows Mobile, and as a Web Clipper.

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2 Responses to “Remember everything with Evernote”

  1. Wolf says:

    For some reason I feel like Evernote has been posted repeatedly.

  2. I recommend v2.2 over the latest 3.0 because it has more types of notes like ‘Expense’, ‘To-Do List’, ‘Contact’, ‘Phone Message’ etc. But if web sync is necessary, one might want to stick to v3.