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It's said Mozart began playing the piano at age 3, and composing by the time he was 5. While there may be others who could approach this level of proficiency, there are probably many more who wish they could, but had to settle for playing the radio instead of a real musical instrument.

With the advent of computerized music, the bar is lowered considerably. No longer do you have to toil away month after month, year after year, to just make an acceptable sound come out of an instrument. If this is closer to your level of musicality, then Electronic Piano may be the answer for you.

With Electronic Piano, it's easy to play piano—or any other instrument—on the keyboard of your computer. There's also 47 different drum sounds you can add to your composition, and you can combine sounds from up to seven different instruments. One-key chords means you won't have to practice your scales to know which notes go together.

You may not go on to musical fame and fortune, but with Electronic Piano, it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a piano, and a lot faster than spending your entire childhood practicing.

Electronic Piano is a Windows application.

Download Electronic Piano 2.5

2 Responses to “Make music easily with Electronic Piano”

  1. Agrostic says:

    Serious lags in keypress response time make an otherwise fun app virtually unusable.

  2. Piano says:

    I really want to learn to play the piano, do you have any tutorials or know of any?

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