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You don't have to listen to the news too long to know that the real estate market is going through some rough times. Whatever the cause, the result is that it's tougher to sell your home than it has been in a really long time. With the number of days on the market going up, and the number of completed sales going down, everybody's looking for an advantage in the market.

If this sounds like your story, Postlets might be the hand you've been looking for. Rather than just relying on a tired Multiple Listings Service (MLS) listing that doesn't set you apart from everybody else, Postlets let you customize your information, and make it easy to get the word out about why people should look at your place.

All you need to do is to enter your property's information into their easy-to-complete forms, and you get an ad suitable for posting on your blog, website, or classified ad sites. They'll even automatically submit your write-up to Craigslist, GoogleBase, Zillow, and more. Now you can take an active part in selling your home.

Postlets is a free online service, and should be compatible with all systems running a recent version of any web browser.

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  1. WILLIAM CLINE says:

    seeking a FOR SALE Template that generates a series of pull off telephone numbers; vertically seperated by dash mark cutting lines also the ability to insert a picture graphic ( 1 or more). The site probably already has such a template but I cannot locate it.

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