iCopy makes your scanner and printer into a photocopier

screenshot of iCopy

Back in the day, a photocopier was a big investment. You had to be a big deal company, and in some cases, they were so expensive that you couldn't even buy them—you had to lease them instead.

Fast forward to today. You can now buy all-in-one machines that scan, print, fax, and just about anything else. What if you're stuck somewhere in the middle? You've got a scanner and you've got a printer, but you aren't interested in chucking them both for a new piece of hardware. Sure, you can scan documents into a paint program, and then turn around and print them out, but wouldn't it be more convenient to just push a button to copy a document?

iCopy can give you a hand with this. It's a small little application—so small you can carry it around on a USB drive—that lets you do exactly that. With your scanner and printer fired up, just push the button in iCopy and before you know it, you'll be printing a copy of whatever you put on the scanner. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and even choose the number of copies you want.

iCopy is a Windows application.

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