Plan your next project with Open Workbench

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If getting things done were easy, there wouldn't be so many productivity tools available out there. Writing a letter or putting together a budget, while they can take some time and effort, are generally pretty straightforward. You can use a word processing application or spreadsheet, or even just a yellow legal pad. Dial the complexity up, however, and all of a sudden the paper-and-pencil approach probably isn't your best bet.

Planning, scheduling, and project management fall into this category. Even a moderately complex project involves all kinds of resources, schedules, deadlines, and more. Trying to sketch this out on the back of an envelope is just looking for trouble. Microsoft Project is one tool you can use to try to manage this type of thing. Unfortunately it can also be a way to severely deplete your bank account.

Open Workbench is a free open source project management tool. It includes all the capabilities you need to successfully plan your next big project, including scheduling, allocation of resources, tracking progress, and more. You can even schedule across projects, so your planning can stretch across the enterprise.

Open Workbench is a Windows application.

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