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Back in the day, you could run a business—or your life—on the back of an envelope. A couple of notes here, a little sketch there, and you were good. Nothing all that complicated.

Update to today. There's no such thing as simple any more. What you used to be able to do on a legal pad requires computers and more. There's a lot you can accomplish with a word processor and a spreadsheet, but if you really want to take care of everything, you need specialized software that deals with your particular issues and concerns. Who knows what those are better than you?

Now you can take your knowledge and expertise and leverage it into applications that you build yourself. LyteRAD is a lightweight rapid application development framework that lets you build complex database applications without writing a line of code. They supply the tools, including an embedded database, and you put it together. Sound good?

LyteRAD is available as a free download (the "CE" edition), and also has paid upgrades. It's a Windows application.

Download LyteRAD

2 Responses to “Free rapid application development tool”

  1. marcus says:

    sure you can build your own application, but you can only legally use it if you have registered (probably with a fee) to receive support for the product. thats as far as i got in the EULA.
    pretty powerful though

  2. Girish says:

    hi marcus, the registration information is to track number of users and is definitely free. The paid ‘pro’ edition has more features and comes with extra support options. But thx for reading the EULA though 🙂

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