Convert images to Windows icons and back

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Where would we be without icons? No, we're not talking religious imagery here, we're talking about those ubiquitous little pictures that we double-click on to launch applications in a modern GUI-based computer environment.

One of the biggest drawbacks with icons is their lack of flexibility. There's a fixed set to deal with system needs, like folders and such. Applications usually come with their own. But what if you want to organize things a different way, or your design sense doesn't match that of the people who crated these stock icons? You need to be able to create your own!

Icon Sushi can give you a hand with that task. With this tool, you can convert your favorite image files into icon files to use on your system. Start with BMP or PNG files, or even Photoshop PSDs and convert them into fully useable Windows ICO icon files. You can also grab icon images out of other EXE or DLL files, so that you've got just the images you need. Or if the need should arise, you can take icon files and convert them into image files as well.

Icon Sushi is a free Windows app. It's been tested under WinXP, but it may run under Win2k as well.

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  1. w2wScribe says:

    I don’t have time to fool around with every gimmicked software on the market. It either works as indicated or it does not. This software failed to recognize every single picture file on my Vista computer! The ONLY images it would find are ALREADY icon files. I expected to be able to work with portions of larger images, say a child’s face worked down to size for his folder icon. No such luck. My XP machine is a backup; all my working files are within the Vista environment. Don’t blame Vista, most of the image management systems I have tried FAIL to see the files I know Vista and Windows Media Player can see just fine! I will try again when I have more time to convince the app that the pics are really where I say they are…

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