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In the beginning was air guitar. It wasn't very musical, but you sure looked good. Then came Guitar Hero. Now you actually helped make the music, but it's still kind of karaoke for guitars. If you really want to make music, you've got to get a real guitar.

Whether your taste—or budget—runs to a Stratocaster, a Les Paul, or just a beat-up old Harmony, one thing is for sure: you've got to tune your axe if you want to play it. The best way to tune your guitar is to score yourself a big old grand piano, but if you thought Fender and Gibson wanted a lot of money, you haven't lived until you've priced a piano. No, that's not really an option. A much more economical alternative is found online with Guitar Tuner.

These folks have a free online guitar tuner app on their site that you can use to tune your guitar to the traditional tuning, or to any of over 50 alternative tunings; and if that's not enough, you can even create your own tunings.

They've got a lots of other guitar-related stuff on their site for you as well—lessons, a buyer's guide, and more.

The Guitar Tuner is a free online service.

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