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We've gone on in the past about the virtues of the USB drive. Small, easy to work with, they're the wonder of the age. Sometimes they don't work and play well with others—or maybe it's the "others" that don't behave as they should.

When you mount a USB drive on a Windows system, it wants to assign it a drive letter. That seems entirely reasonable. Unfortunately, sometimes Windows isn't very smart about the letter it assigns, meaning that if the letter it wants to assign to your removable drive is already in use, perhaps for a network volume, you may never see your USB device in Windows Explorer. It doesn't matter how cool a flash drive like this is if you can't use it.

USB Drive Letter Manager is a tool that helps deal with this problem. Rather than relying on the good graces of the operating system from Redmond, it uses its own logic to supply a useful drive letter to your device, making sure that you can actually use it.

USB Drive Letter Manager runs as a service on Windows versions from Win2k up through Vista. It is provided as freeware for private and educational use.

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3 Responses to “USB Drive Letter Manager”

  1. w2wScribe says:

    I am anti-Windows by default; however, Never in my experience has XP or Vista failed to mount a USB flash drive. It will often usurp another drive and push the sequence down the alphabet but, this happens with virtual drives as well. This in an interesting issue for which someone deemed a solution was required. Given the Windows propensity for doing whatever it damn well pleases, this might be a good idea. All of my USB flash drives are independently named and listed as such in Explorer as they are mounted. I see no issue here as the manufacturers of my drives seem to have foreseen the Windows quirks already. Hey, if you have issues, use the USB Drive Letter Manager, or upgrade to better flash drives…

  2. digirebel says:

    I see the issue all of the time in a networked environment. XP sp2 does not see networked drives as being in use so it will assign the usb drive to what it considers to be an open drive letter. I have heard that sp3 fixes that issue, will have to test it out.

  3. Dee Cee says:

    Had this issue all the time in xp sp2. Had to dig into storage management to reassign drives. SP3 does not seem to have fixed this. It just refuses to mount a drive if it deems there is a conflict. Windows does it again.

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