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Did you ever wonder how iTunes or other media players know so much about the files they're playing? I mean, you've got a file with a name like "my-cool-audio-file.mp3" but when you load it into your player, it tells you that it's actually "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" from The Beatles' White Album. This bit of data sleight-of-hand is accomplished though the use of an "id3 tag", a bit of meta-data that many media files carry along with the actual content of the file itself. This meta data includes information about the title and number of the track, the artist, the album, and more.

If you need to tweak this information, or maybe add more to it, you need a tool to access it. That's where ToeTag comes in.

Named, unfortunately perhaps, after the coroner's favorite means of identification, ToeTag lets you add, edit, or delete meta information stored in your media files. Add a track name, correct a misspelling, or even enter information about the bitrate of the recording, or the composer of the piece. You can also grab song information on-line from the free tracktype.org server.

ToeTag works on Windows Vista and Windows XP with .NET 2.0.

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