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Every system ships with a calculator or two. It only makes sense: computers are, when you get right down to it, machines to play with numbers. Binary "one" and "zero", ASCII values, numbers are everywhere. All calculators are not created equal, however. If you're looking for something more, you might want to check out eCalc.

With eCalc, you have your choice of a basic calculator, for simple math problems or balancing your checkbook, or the more complex scientific calculator. It features all the trig and log functions you would expect, and allows you to choose between algebraic or RPN input. Along with the calculator, there is also an additional palette of useful stuff. There's a unit conversion tool (how many carats in a pound?), a list of frequently used constants, and a base conversion tool so you can jump back and forth between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers.

eCalc is a free online service.

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