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Repetition: something that computers do well, and people don't. Give your system a task, tell it to repeat a hundred—or a thousand—times, and you can just walk away. If you had to do that same thing that many times, you'd surely go nuts.

It's easy to work within applications to get them to repeat actions like updating records in a database or mail-merging a letter to your Christmas list. What about other actions that aren't so easily defined? In those situations, keyboard macros are often the way to go.

Windows Macro Recorder by Freelabs is one such tool. To create your macros, it records keystrokes and mouse events from any application. Once you've recorded these actions, it's easy to play them back. Use them to insert little passages of text into your documents ("Dear Mom….") or use the repeat function to have them carry out complicated procedures. You can run it from their GUI, or you can use its command line interface. Either way, you'll be automating your workflow in no time.

Windows Macro Recorder is (obviously) a Windows application.

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  1. Colin says:

    Looked a great find at first glance, but surprisingly it needs the recipient window to be in the same place as the donor window (i.e. the one you recorded from)!

    So presumably, as I use two monitors, if I record an action in window A and open the program I want to (say) paste text into in window B, the program can’t do this?

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