Webalizer web server access log analysis tool

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Maybe you're a web designer, and you've created the World's Best Site. Or maybe you're a business owner and you've just taken the plunge and staked out an online presence. You might be a blogger, and you've just started up the killer blog. Okay, so who cares?

Unless you've just built a site for a school project, one of the most important things you're looking for now is traffic. It doesn't make any difference how great it is, if nobody's looking at it, then it doesn't really mean anything. Your server access logs will tell you a lot about who showed up, what they did while they were there, and all kinds of other information. Unfortunately, you really can't read through raw server logs and make any sense of what's going on with them. You need a tool to help you digest and analyze all that raw data.

Webalizer is one such tool. It understands most commonly-used log formats, and it can work with archived files, so you don't have to keep a huge pile of files on your server. Configure it to generate the reports that help you to measure what you need to know about traffic coming to your site.

Webalizer is a Linux app, so if you're running an Apache web server, you probably already have everything you need to use it.

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One Response to “Webalizer web server access log analysis tool”

  1. bibbo says:

    I DONOT like WebAlizer.
    Main reasons:
    1) Not very correct stats
    2) Refspam through webalizer logs

    Refspam is popular in my country, and in case they make it more often the site with WebAlizer may me ddosed.

    Thats what i think

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