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"Services" on a Mac are a little-used, often misunderstood feature that could potentially make your computing life easier—that is, if they were better understood, and if there were some way to impose some sanity on them.

Fire up any app under OS X on your favorite Macintosh, and take a look at the Application menu. On the menu bar, click on the name of the current app, or even Finder if nothing else is running, and you'll see the item Services. Expand that item, and you'll see a long list of Services that are available to you. Some of these are probably associated with applications you run every day—Finder, web browsers, productivity tools—and others are probably from things you don't even recognize.

The wonder of Services is that they allow you to do things with applications you aren't currently running. Looking through a Word doc, you run across a URL. Want to open your browser to that page? Highlight the address in the document, go up to the Services list, and you'll probably find an item that'll let you open that web page.

There's no direct way to clean up that list of services. There may be some services listed from apps you don't recognize, and others that you know you'll never use. To get rid of those, you need a tool like Service Scrubber.

Service Scrubber allows you to remove unwanted services from this list; in addition, you can arrange the ones you want to keep, and can even add or customize hotkeys to use to trigger them. Now you can harness the power of Services without having to get out your machete to cut through all the underbrush.

Service Scrubber is a Universal Binary, so it will run on your PPC- or Intel-based Mac. It requires OS X 10.4 or later.

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